Lighting from an hid kit is up to 10 times more durable than a halogen lighting system since road vibrations can cause damage to a halogen filament, but there is nothing to break inside an HID bulb. Instead of using a filament as it's source of light output, an hid bulb generates a xenon arc that jumps between two diodes to emit its light output. This electrical arc, These light sources also produce a Yellow to blue-white light in the 3000k to 6000K color range that is safer due to the fact that it is closer to the color of natural daylight.

The color temperature of daylight is close to 4300K, which is why we as human beings that see best during the daylight are able to see more vividly with a 4300K hid kit compared to 2300K from halogen bulbs. The light output from a 35W 4300K HID Xenon lamp is about 300% more visible light than a 55W halogen bulb. The xenon hid kit will also consume much less power from your vehicles electrical system and generate much less heat during operation.

Tourer gear is specilized in 4300k HID Xenon lights which is the best what you can get for your Car or Motorcycle.

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