Our company

Established in 2006 , Tourer Gear started as a Lighting Hobby project and ended up into a big company. Supported by motorcycle enthusiasts around the world Tourer Gear ended up with a massive growth in the past 6 years. We combine extraordinary design and innovative technology with highest quality standards and deliver economic solutions for Automotive Lighting.We make your driving / Touring experience comfortable and safer by day and night. So you can see even more at night as you could imagine during the day.

Tourer Gear is a full line supplier of Automotive lighting , Commercial lighting , Club and stage lighting and Hobby / DIY Kits. If your looking for any kind of Lighting or Touring Needs for your Motorcycle , Car , Cycle or Garrage your at the right place. Tourer Gear has factory backup for all the Lighting needs and has strong support of Touring entusiasts around the world.

Our Logo

Our Logo conists of wheels and our company name on it . Touring gear supplies all the gear which can go on a set of wheels, And the place were these 2 or 4 wheels lands up we supply end to end lighting solutions for it . Let it be a Garage , Club , Residential or Commerical place we supply HID and LED Lighting for all .

Our team

This list is massive . The Motorcyle and Car enthusiasts who support Tourer Gear is our team.